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Seeking Investment Advice

Lotte, a beginner investor, turns to her friends for investing advice but ends up feeling confused and uncertain due to their lack of expertise.

Researching Investment Options

Lotte turns to self-research for investing advice but hits a wall - the complex information leaves her unsure and overwhelmed.

Investing Solo

Lotte takes a risk and invests alone, but her lack of knowledge leads to poor decisions and significant losses. She feels discouraged and frustrated.

Giving Up

Defeated and discouraged, Lotte gives up on investing and looks for alternatives. She longs for a simpler and more supportive way to invest.


Member of Valhalla Europe


Joining Valhalla Europe

Ana finds a community in Valhalla Europe and joins a local Thing, attending weekly meetings and gaining valuable insights from experienced members.

Access to Resources

Ana dives into a treasure trove of investment resources shared by Valhalla members, learning valuable strategies, financial planning, and market trends through events, and workshops.

Investment Success

Ana joins forces with fellow members, resulting in financial growth and success. She gains confidence in her investing abilities and learns from the experiences of other members.

Continued Learning and Growth

With the support of Valhalla Europe, Ana thrives as an investor . She participates in regular events, shares insights with other members, and works towards achieving her financial freedom.

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