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4. “Family Finance Basics” for Parents

Introducing “Family Finance Basics”, crafted specifically for parents and families. Dive into a world of financial understanding and gain the expertise to make sound financial choices for your family’s future.


Learn to manage family finances effectively, give your children financial wisdom, and ensure a secure financial future. Topics covered range from budgeting and saving for education to managing debt, investing wisely, and fostering a strong financial foundation in your kids.

Course Structure:

Structure Basic Course Private Lessons
How many lessons? 6 0 to 3 (+ 1 test examination)

(depends on the package)

How often? Once / week Once / week
How long? 2 Hours 1-1.5 Hour
How many? 4-6 participants Only one participant
Where? Online

Course Content:

Engage in hands-on workshops, explore real-life case studies, and participate in discussions that provide practical strategies for your family’s unique needs.


By the end, you’ll possess enhanced financial skills, ready to nurture a financially intelligent environment for your family.

Author: Alex

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