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2. “Junior Savers” for Pre-Teens (ages 11-14)

Introducing “Junior Savers”: a financial learning journey for eager pre-teens aged 11 to 14. This program seamlessly combines essential finance matters with interactive learning, paving the way for a financially savvy future.


Our goal is straightforward: to immerse your child in the fascinating world of finance. Starting with money’s basics, we explore its profound role in daily life, progressively unveiling more advanced concepts.

Course Structure:

Structure Basic Course Private Lessons
How many lessons? 6 0 to 3 (+ 1 test examination)

(depends on the package)

How often? Once / week Once / week
How long? 1.5 Hours 1 Hour
How many? 4-6 participants Only one participant
Where? Online


We use Gather Town, an online tool that transforms standard video meetings into engaging game-like sessions. Here, children explore “The Land of Finances”, our whimsical theme park filled with educational games about finance basics.


Course Content:

  1. Dive into money’s origins, functions, and diverse role in life.
  2. Learn the art of smart purchases and the importance of sound money management.
  3. Journey through six enriching modules, each packed with engaging games and activities to make learning a delight.


By the end of “Junior Savers”, your child will have a deep understanding of the financial forces at play in the world. With this insight, they’ll be ready to make wise choices and navigate their financial journey confidently.

Why “Junior Savers”?

“Junior Savers” is more than just a finance course; it’s a toolkit for life. As your child progresses, they’re laying the groundwork for their dreams. Dive into this enlightening adventure and unlock a world of financial wisdom for your child’s bright future.

Author: Alex

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