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Welcome to Valhalla Europe

Welcome to Valhalla Europe

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Valhalla Europe is the European Investing Community committed to offering the necessary resources and opportunities to its members to achieve their financial freedom.

VÆ Corporation is the central legal body that organises and sponsors the creation and functioning of all VÆ organisations worldwide.
VÆ Realms are administrative regions that follow the borders of historical European regions. Each Realm has an Althing that represents it, and its primary function is to keep the Realm running smoothly and growing financially.


Wealth is one of the central values of Valhalla Europe, and it represents the financial freedom and success that members can achieve through the community’s resources and opportunities.


Education is another VÆV, and it represents the knowledge and skills that members can acquire through workshops, seminars, and other educational resources provided by the community.


Transparency is a VÆV that represents the community’s commitment to openness and honesty, and it is reflected in the clear communication of financial information, investment strategies, and decision-making processes.


Fellowship is a VÆV that represents the sense of community and belonging that members feel when they are part of Valhalla Europe.
Patrons are members that don’t have the time necessary to participate in events (or don’t want to take part) hosted by VÆ (A/T-Days) but still want to take part in investments/have access to information regarding investing. Since a big part of the VÆ experience/values revolve around the community aspect and the time invested by each member, these members will have to pay a higher monthly fee so that it can compensate for the lack of time invested.
The open days of Valhalla Europe, where aspiring members and investors from the local community can get to know the Valhalla Europe Family. These events typically feature speakers, pitches of portfolios conducted by Valhalla Europe members, workshops, and investment opportunities. I-Days are the biggest and most important events within VÆ and serve as a great introduction for new members to the Valhalla Europe community.
Hosted once a month, usually on the last Tuesday, A-Days are big events organised by the BOR (with help from BOS/BOT), where all members of a specific Realm get together and take part in a big event dedicated to investors. These are the larger version of Thing’s Days.
The BOT organises T-Days, which are members-only events. They are smaller than A-Days and occur more often, with a limited number of members attending. Members can present investment plans at these events, discuss and vote on BOT (or even BOR) members, and collaborate on investment projects. T-Days are important for fostering the community aspect of VÆ and allow members to connect with and learn from each other.

The Althing is the central body of authority in a Realm, and it is legally structured as an association. It comprises a Board of Representatives (BOR) and a Board of Shareholders (BOS).

The BOR is responsible for ensuring that the Realm’s Things operate within legal limits, evaluating aspiring members, setting up big events, and tracking the money coming into and out of the Realm’s Things. It is made up of the Grand Lawspeaker, Grand Secretary, and Grand Treasurer, who are elected by the community.

Member of BOR, the Grand Lawspeaker is the most potent authority within an Althing, thus, the most powerful member of a certain Realm. The job of the GL is to decide what changes are made, what things are carried out and how, and what members have what role by evaluating and re-evaluating them. The GL has an active role in setting up new events, all in the name of making sure the Realm keeps on growing, both financially and in members. The GL works alongside other BOR/BOS/BOT members but significantly impacts the final decision.
Member of BOR, the Grand Secretary is the second most potent authority within an Althing. The job of the GS is to aid the Grand Lawspeaker (and all authority entities) in ensuring the continued positive evolution of all Things within a Realm. Besides that, the GS focuses on “Back-Stage” jobs, like setting up appointments, sending emails, etc.
Member of BOR, the Grand Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of all the money going in and out of all Things within a Realm. They aid the other members of BOR (also BOS and BOT) in taking certain decisions by giving them a financial view of every decision/aspect present. Besides that, the GT has an essential role in overviewing the capital managed by Things from around the Realm, thus giving the GT the ability to have an extensive view of the financial power of a particular Realm.

The BOS is a group of shareholders who own the largest share of capital in investment portfolios within Things located in a specific Realm. They work closely with the BOR to ensure the ongoing growth of capital within all Things from a Realm.

A Thing is a basic organisational unit within VÆ, consisting of a group of investors and friends. Things hold weekly Thing’s Day and organise and conduct projects through mutual portfolios. Each Thing is represented by the Thing Board, consisting of a Lawspeaker, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.

The BOT is responsible for the smooth operation of a Thing, setting up events, evaluating aspiring members, keeping track of the Thing’s finances, and ensuring legal compliance.

Member of a Thing, the Lawspeaker has the duties of the Grand Lawspeaker but is limited to that specific Thing. Besides ensuring that the Thing is running as well as it can, the VÆT Lawspeaker has to represent the Thing at the level of the Realm (represent the Thing’s interests, members, portfolios, etc.).
Member of a Thing, the Secretary has the same responsibilities as the Grand Secretary, only limited to one Thing. VÆT Secretary needs to aid the Lawspeaker in running the Thing, setting up meetings, helping gain new members, offering prospective members an overview of the VÆ, etc. This position represents an extension of the Lawspeaker within a particular Thing and has to represent, alongside the Lawspeaker, the interests of said Thing.
Member of a Thing, the Treasurer has the same responsibilities as the Grand Treasurer, only limited to a specific Thing. This position is vital in managing the capital from different portfolios, the money required to run the Thing, advising the other Thing Board Members about decisions with a significant financial impact, and so on. Not only that, but it has to report to its superior authority, the Grand Treasurer, so that the GL can create/have an overview of the financial situation of the Realm.
After deciding to be a part of the VÆ family and paying the monthly subscription, one can become a general member. General members can participate in individual Thing’s Day, invest alongside other members, participate in workshops designed for members only, vote on who they think is the best for a Board position, and so on. To become a member, one must desire financial freedom, show fellowship, and generally align with VÆ values.

Contact us for any questions or requests

Contact us for any questions or requests

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