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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Experience?

Our financial education courses are like exciting “Experiences,” not just typical courses. They offer a unique and engaging way to explore the world of finance. For example, we’ve created an interactive world using Gather Town, where kids can have fun and learn about financial basics simultaneously.

Why would I want to atend a Valhalla Europe Experience?

Recent events, like the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukrainian conflict, have shown how economic changes impact many of us. Countless people lost jobs or struggled with high utility bills. In such times, we can’t afford to be uninformed. We don’t promise instant wealth; instead, we provide an opportunity for self-improvement because knowledge is the one thing we can’t lose.

Is the enrolment process complicated?

Not at all! You just make an appointment with one of our colleagues for a demo lesson so you can see if the course fits you or your child. If yes, we can then set up the group that you or your child will be part of.

What can I do to get a discount for one or more Experiences?

We provide various opportunities for discounts! There’s a diverse range of discounts available, each tailored to specific situations. For instance, if your child has received recognition in a STEM competition (covering science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), they qualify for a special discount. Additionally, if someone brings more individuals to participate in a Valhalla Europe Experience, such as family members or schoolmates, they can enjoy multiple discounts as well. We believe in making our programs accessible and rewarding for all.

If I don’t like the Experience can I get my money back?

Our primary goal is to ensure an exceptional experience for all our clients. However, we acknowledge that there may be instances where this isn’t achieved. In such cases, we encourage participants to engage in a discussion with us to identify the issues and work together on effective solutions, preventing their recurrence. Depending on the progress made within the Experience Program, we may offer either a partial or full refund as appropriate.

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