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The story of our vision

Quarter Ⅰ 2022

The founders of Valhalla Europe embarked on a journey to attain financial independence, vowing to make it a reality.

Quarter ⅠⅠ 2022

With the founding of Valhalla Europe, we ignited the spark that brought our vision to life: to empower investors across Europe to join forces and attain true financial liberation.

Quarter ⅠⅠⅠ 2022

Our team started a collaboration with VentureLab North, a premier business developement firm based in Groningen, Netherlands, specialising in fostering the growth and success of start-up companies.

Quarter ⅠⅤ 2022

We launched our social media presence, where we began sharing informative content on investment strategies to educate and equip our new members with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully navigate the world of investing.

Quarter Ⅰ 2023

Celebrated the official launch of our first Thing in Groningen, Netherlands, with an inaugural meeting where members united to pave the way for a secure future for all investors.

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The people behind our vision

Matei Alexandru

Internal Operations, Co-founder


External Operations, Co-founder


Marketing, Technical, Co-founder

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Rodrigo Perez

Rodrigo Perez


"I loved my first Valhalla event. The community felt so welcoming and interesting. I even enjoyed hearing about their Forex experience which normally would bore me."

Oliver Van Dijk

Oliver Van Dijk


"For the longest time, I have been sceptical about investing since there is so much to learn, but with Valhalla, I really felt like I was joining a secure community."

Victoria van Domel

Victoria van Domel

Student and entrepreneur

"The Valhalla events are always exciting and full of energy. It’s amazing to see how passionate the Valhalla team is about building a community of investors."

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